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Hosts Unlimited have harnessed the power of Virtualisation and cloud technology to better manage IT capacity, provide better service levels and to streamline IT processes for all our customers at an extremely competitive price, thereby offering a preferred alternative to dedicated servers and on-premise solutions.

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Our virtual private servers (VPS) offer the power and freedom of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. Through our VPS packages, we can provide the choice of operating systems, compute resources and tiered storage integrated into a private, public or hybrid network to suit any requirement.

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Hosting doesn’t stop at Server hosting. Our services extend to hosted virtual desktops (Citrix Xenapp), on-line backups, VoIP telephony and SaaS software deployment for most Microsoft and other applications all for a single monthly cost per user.

Why opt for server and desktop hosting

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The question should be why not! Implementing a new computer network system is not only expensive to purchase, but the on-going costs to maintain and to scale upwards is expensive too; unless software maintenance is taken out on all server and desktop applications, together with operating system software, it will soon become out-of-date and the whole process starts again, usually within a three year period. There is no possibility to cater for seasonal trade or reduction in software licensing and compute resources. Once purchased it can only be increased.

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With a fully hosted environment the compute resources needed and the application licensing can be scaled up or down on a monthly basis as business or trade dictates, thus providing a very fluid and cost effective environment.

What are the savings

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It is not easy to quantify what the savings are, but when we consider the items below we can clearly see that these costs contribute significantly to the hosting costs:

  • Server power approx. 750 – 1400 Watts per server
  • Air conditioning The same power requirement is needed to cool the room as is drawn by the servers
  • Hardware and software maintenance is no longer required for the applications provided on a SaaS agreement
  • The server room that once contained the racks of computers can now have desks for staff

Our Platform

  • Hardware: Our Infrastructure is built on the latest generation server technology, giving the best performance and reliability. In the unlikely event that a physical server was to become unavailable, the high-availability provided by our Cloud Platform will make sure the running Virtual Machines are restarted on the surviving nodes as quickly as possible.
  • Software: We have built our Cloud Platform on Vmware, making sure our customers workloads are hosted on the most proven, reliable hosting platform, ensure that it provides a solid foundation for their computing resources.

Cloud Computing Products and Services from the World's Leading Vendors

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To deliver solutions of the highest standards we only work with the leading cloud computing products and services from the leading vendors as follows:

  • Connectivity - Our Internet and physical connections come from providers such as BT, Tiscali, Virgin and Talk Talk
  • Networking - Our communication and security devices come from Cisco and Brocade
  • Virtualisation - We deploy enterprise versions of VMware who are the world leader in virtualisation technology. We can also provide Microsoft Hyper-V solutions.
  • Computing - Our servers pools are specifically designed for enterprise data centre operations.
  • Desktop Computing - Our remote desktop services are provide utilising Citrix Xenapp to provide a resilient application environment.
  • Storage - We provide high speed multi tiered storage repositories on both ISCSI and fibre platforms from DataCore. These solutions allow us to provide scaleable performance to suit any business requirement, in addition this technology allows us to seamlessly replicate data to our other data centre facilities.
  • Backup and Business Continuity - We cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining reliable backups of data and operating systems. To accomplish this we provide an enterprise backup and compliant email archiving solution from CommVault.
  • Telephony – The hosted Telephony solutions we provide are form the widely used Asterisk and 3CX systems.
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Get in touch with Hosts Unlimited today by calling us on +44 (0)118 334 1399 / +44 (0)203 750 6050 or by emailing us at