Lamberts Chartered Surveyors

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Chris Roberts from Lamberts Chartered Surveyors explains the issues that the business was facing. “Before we engaged with Hosts Unlimited we had experienced a number of outages for varying periods of time. All the issues were fairly typical of a traditional on-premise server arrangement but the time involved in addressing the issues increased. Added to that was the time required managing and installing updates for individual PC workstations.

The Solution

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After conducting an initial review of Lamberts’ existing IT infrastructure, Hosts Unlimited recommended moving Lamberts’ current on-premise infrastructure to a fully hosted cloud based server and virtual desktop solution that would provide a more flexible, scalable infrastructure and streamline its processes.

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Lamberts’ new virtualised infrastructure is now hosted at one of Hosts Unlimited’s two state-of-the-art data centres. Andrew Wayman, Managing Director at Hosts Unlimited comments, “Our two data centre facilities give us access and multiple gigabit interconnects to over 100 UK data centres and 300 worldwide. It’s important to us that our clients benefit from the latest technology and have the reliability and peace of mind that their infrastructure is in safe hands."

"Our data centres are equipped with the latest technology to ensure that the services we provide to Lamberts and our other clients are available and secure.”
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The physical security of the data centre is also designed to provide complete peace of mind. Each facility is located within a secure compound with stringent access control to ensure that no unauthorised access is permitted.

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“By moving to a hosted solution, we were also able to offer Lamberts resilience by applying various levels of redundancy to safeguard their business,” continues Andrew Wayman.“We strongly believe that a single point of failure is not good enough. Our security, power handling and networking is fully redundant as are the virtual servers that Hosts provision, to ensure that we can sustain server failures without any impact on Lamberts’ business.”

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The power and cooling system is protected by multiple generators with several days of back up fuel stored on-site. IP transit is provided via redundant multi-homed fibre network feeds with multiple routing and switching to ensure complete redundancy for Lamberts’ hosted infrastructure.

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In addition to hosting Lamberts’ infrastructure, Hosts Unlimited has also implemented a backup and archiving solution to prevent data loss. The Hosts Online Backup solution provides a fully managed remote data protection service for Lamberts’ entire business which is based on CommVault’s award winning software. As well as capturing backups of the data stored on the servers, the solution also takes care of email archiving and all the information captured is stored in the Hosts data centre.

The Results

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“Having invested significantly in our IT infrastructure and working with Hosts, I now have the confidence that things are being done properly where our IT is concerned,” commented Chris Roberts. “The positive changes that we have made by moving to a hosted solution really paid dividends when we moved offices last year. Our previous on-premise solution would have caused an enormous headache. The movement and re-installation of the physical assets would have taken time and had considerable cost implications. Instead all we had to do was ensure that we had a working internet connection and Hosts took care of the rest, meaning that downtime was kept to an absolute minimum.”

Since engaging with Hosts and moving our IT infrastructure into the cloud, the one biggest business benefit that we’ve realised is the reliability and peace of mind that our IT is in the right hands.
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"Now I have confidence that our backups are happening regularly and I know that all the applications are up to date for everyone. I also know that if we do encounter a problem the team at Hosts will be extremely responsive to our needs and help us to quickly find a solution so that the disruption to our business is minimal,” concludes Chris Roberts.

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To download this case study as a PDF, please click here.

About Lamberts Chartered Surveyors

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Lamberts is a privately owned firm of Chartered Surveyors in London EC1 specialising in all aspects of property consultancy.

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Founded in 1988, their success is based on a number of sound principles including a firm belief in the role of the independent Chartered Surveyor, a clear understanding of our clients’ needs and their right to receive structured advice that is both personal and thoroughly professional.

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In support of these principles they great store in the quality of their personnel, which they constantly seek to improve with an on-going programme of training and professional development. They also make full use of the latest information technology.


Get in touch with Hosts Unlimited today by calling us on +44 (0)118 334 1399 / +44 (0)203 750 6050 or by emailing us at