Davey Law

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David Bush, Business and Compliance Manager at Davey Law outlines the business drivers behind finding an IT partner. “Before engaging with Hosts Unlimited I suppose you could say that our IT setup was similar to that of any small to medium sized organisation. We had a traditional storage rack full of servers which was situated in the corner of one of the rooms in our offices, which generated a lot of heat, came with piles of cable and the threat that inevitably something would break.

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We also had challenges surrounding physical storage security and managing backups of private and confi dential but also mission critical data. After a merger that formed the firm we have today, we decided to review our IT infrastructure. It was at this point that we engaged with Hosts Unlimited and started talking about how we could address some of these challenges.”

The Solution

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Hosts Unlimited carried out a thorough review of all Davey Law’s infrastructure before recommending a cloud based hosting solution that would not only give the company access to the latest technology but would also provide the security and availability that it needed. “Hosts identified what equipment we should keep and what we could get rid of,” explains David Bush. “It turned out that we had a lot of UPSs that we didn’t need. After Hosts had fi nished their audit, 90% of our server rack was empty leaving just what we needed and immediately saving us a lot of electricity and management time for on-site equipment.”

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Davey Law’s virtualised IT infrastructure is hosted at one of Hosts Unlimited’s two state-of-the-art data centres. Each data centre site is located within a secure compound with stringent access control to protect from a breach. “By moving all of our infrastructure into a virtualised environment our staff can access the information they need to progress cases from anywhere. They can be at either one of our two offices, working from home or in court,” continues David Bush.

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The solution offers resilience through various levels of redundancy to protect Davey Law against failure. All of the virtual servers that Hosts provide are fully redundant, as are arrangements for security, power handling and networking. This ensures that the solution can sustain server failures without any impact on Davey Law’s business.

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As part of the solution Hosts Unlimited also manages the backup of all the data stored in the cloud environment. “Our Online Backup solution provides a fully managed remote data protection service for Davey Law’s business,” says Andrew Wayman, Managing Director at Hosts Unlimited.

“The solution, based on CommVault’s award winning software, captures backups of data on the virtual servers which are then stored in the Hosts data centre.”
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In addition to providing the hosted environment for Davey Law, Hosts Unlimited is also responsible for the provision of internet communications to both of the company’s Gloucestershire based offices. “After implementing the virtualised environment we investigated options to upgrade our broadband connection to make sure that we had the bandwidth available to support the level of usage required,” describes David Bush. “Once again we turned to the experts at Hosts who recommended an Ethernet First Mile (EFM) connection into both offices.”

The Results

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“By moving over to a cloud based hosting solution we have realised a number of benefits. Not only have we eliminated the need for capital expenditure to purchase new IT hardware and transferred this to an operational expense, we have also reduced the associated risk and work required to run in-house systems,” said David Bush.

In addition to the peace of mind that our hosted infrastructure is resilient and available for our staff to carry out the work our clients rely on us for, we also know that our data is secure and being backed up on a regular basis.
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"Above all, Hosts work hard to ensure that they have a solid understanding of our business and that our IT systems are prepared to meet future challenges. We look forward to working with Andrew and his team for years to come,” concluded David Bush.

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To download this case study as a PDF, please click here.

About Davey Law

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Created following a merger of two well established Gloucestershire firms of solicitors in 2004, Davey Law provides professional legal services to individuals and businesses across Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire and further afield.

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The company has two offices, one in Cirencester and the other in Gloucester where its team of legal advisers work on a range of cases from employment law to catastrophic injury claims and divorce settlements to tax planning.

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Get in touch with Hosts Unlimited today by calling us on +44 (0)118 334 1399 / +44 (0)203 750 6050 or by emailing us at info@hosts-unlimited.com